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The core element of Almatykurylys corporative values is awareness of our business being responsible to the society.

We understand that long-term commercial success can be possible only under the condition of social stability, therefore Almatykurylys activities cannot be restricted by purely economical framework. We understand that both large and emerging enterprises have not only to bring economic profit, but also backup social, cultural, medical and spiritual aspects of eh society.

Almatykurylys is an honest citizen: this is the main principle of the Company’s corporative policy.

We treasure our reputation and we are aware that our mission and obligation is dedication to the society, whose integral part we present.

For this reason Almatykurylys is an active participant of all social and cultural public projects; we adhere to the selected directions of corporative social policy:

* participation in charity programs and events;

* sponsorship for cultural and sports events;

* pursuing adequate progressive policy in the sphere of human resources.

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