Kinds of Works Performed

Kinds of Works Performed

JSC “Almatyinzhstroy” has obtained the Gosstroi Licence for conducting the following kinds of works:

to the National Licence /National Construction Licence = NCL/ NCL №003349 issued on 26 February 2001 /invalid without the Licence/

of kinds of works in the sphere of architectural – town planning activity performed by JSC “Almatyinzhstroy” and its structural subdivisions /FUM, FUMR1, FUMR2, FUMR3, FUMR4, FUMR5, FUMR6, SU1, Representation office of JSC “AIS” in Atyrau city, Branch of JSC “AIS” in Aktau city, Branch of JSC “AIS” in Uralsk city, Representation Office of OJSC “AIS” in Aktobe city, Branch ofOJSC “AIS” in Kapchagai town/
in accordance with the conducted technical audit and expertise.

  1. Designing Works for Capital Construction
    1. Architectural design
    2. Structural design
    3. Engineering system design
    4. Working out special sections of design
    5. Working out designs for production of works and organization of construction
    6. Performance of the functions of the main architect /main engineer/ for project on direction of complex work out of town planning and design documentations for construction projects
  2. Construction-Erection Works
    1. Earth works
    2. Special works on the ground coat
    3. Erection of load-bearing and enclosure structures of buildings /including bridges and pipes, over bridges transport trestles and artificial structures/ of the second level of responsibility
    4. Works on laying exterior utilities
    5. Works on laying interior utilities
    6. Works to protect structure and equipment
    7. Road building works
    8. Works on modernizing and amenities of the territories
    9. Repair building works /from point 2 to point 8/
  3. Engineering Services
    • Organization and performance of contract works by forces of structural subdivisions on construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of construction of production, housing, social-cultural purposes;
    • participation in tender campaigns for the right to get contracts to build constructions;
    • to accept from customers design-estimate documentations /DED/ on building constructions, consideration and issuance of remarks to the clients / to transfer DED to production of works;
    • conclusion of contracts with customers to build constructions;
    • distribution of volume of works for structural subdivisions of the JSC;
    • technical-economic control of construction-erection works in structural subdivisions of the JSC;
    • obtaining and official registration of initial data for designing, construction and reconstruction of projects;
    • technical accomponiment of designing stage.

Terms and Conditions of the Validity of the Licence

Mandatory availability and observation of legislative and normative-technical Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Being well-equipped and highly professionally skilled have become the guarantee for the works performed by the workers and employees of the Company.

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