Joint Stock Company “Almatyinzhstroy” and its Equipment

The Company employs up to 1500 workers and employees. Professional skill of leading employees and chief experts doesn’t cause any doubt. Any of them has got from 20 to 40 years length of service. Much attention is paid to training young personnel.

JSC “Almatyinzhstroy” is equipped with technics and equipment in accordance with all required standards of today.

The Company balance includes mobile, technically in good working order park of machines and mechanisms: excavators /48 units/, bulldozers /36/, truck cranes /34 units/, crawler and compressed air cranes /21 units/, motor graders /3 units/, pipe laying cranes /7 units/, motor hydro lifters /7 units/, tower cranes /42 units/, compressors /8 units/, motor rollers /7 units/, cart horse trailers /14 units/, welders /36 units/, motor car transport /106 units/.

In addition to the technics the Company has, during the latest six years, more were obtained: a set of road building technics of the firm “Wirtgen”:

  • Remixer RX-2500 (1 unit);
  • Vibrating Rollers (4 units);
  • Road grooving machines (2 units);
  • Seam threaders (1 unit);
  • Asphalt laying machines (2 units);
  • A Tractor with a trailer /track truck “IVECO”/ (1 unit);
  • A Construction laboratory (1 set);
There are some new ones as well. They are:
  • Auto cranes /16-25 tons/ (5 units);
  • Shovelers ( 6 units);
  • Road technics (6 units);
  • Bituminous smeltry (1 unit);
  • Auto transport (26 units).
A special attention is paid to learning to master construction technologies. There are works aimed at introduction of International Standards of the System of Quality Management ISO – 9000-2000.

Production Activity

JSC “Almatyinzhstroy” practically has built all main heating systems with the diameter from 500 to 1400 mm, main water supply systems and sewerage. The Company erected the station of sewage biological treatment in Almaty, water mains of the cascade of Hydro Electro Station (diameter – 1800 mm), Talgar water main for drinking water suppily diameter 1000-1400 mm, the length is more than 100 kms in Almaty, reservoirs, pumping stations for the system of water supply in Almaty, the Bolshoi Canal in Almaty, ash-storage constructions ATETZ-1, ATETZ-2, ATETZ-3.

The Company participated in the construction of such unique projects in Almaty as: the hotels “Rakhat Palace”, “Ankara”, “Kazakhstan”; the Residence of the Kazakhstani President; the Moslem Center in Al-Farabi street and many others.

Besides, the reconstruction of the existing streets and laying the new ones in the cities of Astana, Uralsk (more than 70 kms), Atyrau (over 80 kms).

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