Murat S. KOPESHOV - General Director of JS Company “Almatykultbytstroy”

Qualification – Buiding Engineer /Kazakh chemical-technological institute/

Work Experience – has been working for JS Company “Almatykultbytstroy” since 2019. General Director of JS Company since Oktober, 2019.

Company Background

Joint Stock Company “Almatykultbytstroy” is one of the biggest construction organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Sphere of Activity: construction, repairs and reconstruction of housing, administration and production buildings, projects of social-cultural purposes, production of construction materials and structures, financial and commercial activity.

It performs the whole complex of construction works from allotment of construction sites to a turn key project. The Company works in many regions of Kazakhstan.

The Company Background

JSC “Almatykultbytstroy” (former trust “Almatykultbytstroy”) was formed on the Ist of July 1967.

It is directed by the General Director who is accountable to the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of Share – holders. The Directors of subdivisions of JSC structure are appointed by the Board of Directors on the presentation of them by the General Director.

There are 12 branches, partnerships with limited liabilities and representation offices:

In Almaty City:
  • JSC “Almatykultbitstroi” Head quarters Office;
  • Branch № 50 – Finishing Subdivision /Decoration subdivision/
  • Branch on Production - Technological Completion Administration /PTCA/, the base with covered and uncovered warehouses and a railway “dead – end” siding;
  • Partnership Ltd “Alataykurylys” – General Construction Subdivision;
  • Partnership Ltd “Erke” – Trade Houses;
  • BEFA «Kurylys» – General Construction Subdivision.
In Astana City:
  • Representation Office;
  • Partnership Ltd “Serik” - General Construction Subdivision;
  • Partnership Ltd “Orken ” - Finishing / Decoration Subdivision;
  • Partnership Ltd “J/C Nurkent” - General Construction Subdivision;
  • Partnership Ltd “Astanastroisnabservis” – Vision the base on delivery of construction material and equipment with covered and uncovered warehouses and production premises, as well as a railway “dead end siding”;
  • Branch of Group of Enterprises on Building Materials and Construction “KSMK-2” – the plant producing building materials and construction in Atyrau.

During 34 years of its activity, JS Company “Almatykultbytstroy” has built a number of unique projects, being the pride of Almaty City.

The following are the most significant ones:

Air Terminal; State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Governmental Building; Apparatus – studio room complex; Circus building; Art Museum named after Kosteev; Consumer Services House “Aset”; Hotel “Kazakhstan”; National University Complex named after AL-Pharabi; Hotel “Almaty”; The Children’s Palace; National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan; Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Sanatorium “Alatau”; The Students’ Palace; Dyke “Medeu’; Radio-Television Telescope Tower, and other projects on Health Care, Trade and Education.

In Almaty City: The Residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Monument to Independency; “ALSI” office building; Reconstruction of the Central Stadium and Sports Complex “Dostyk”; Complex of Dwelling Houses; Shop “Altipat”; There have been done capital repairs of the Central Clinic, attached to the Medical Centre of Kazakhstan President’s Administrative Department.

In Astana City: A 196 apartment dwelling house; A 36 apartment dwelling house; Reconstruction of Euro-Asian University named after Gumilev ; Reconstruction of “LukOil” Company Office and its Health Centre; Reconstruction of the Central Stadium named after Munaitpas; Bowling Centre; Reconstruction of facades of houses; Guest House; Kazakhstan President’s Administation House for Official Receptions; Sports Palace (with a swimming pool and a skating rink).

In Atyrau Town: Reconstruction of facades of 80 dwelling houses; Reconstruction of the Central Stadium “Munaishy”; Oblast Philharmonic Society building named after Zhanturin; Pathology – Anatomical Centre.

In Aktau Town: Reconstruction of the Central Stadium “Munaishy”; Reconstruction of the Bank “Centre Credit”.

Our plans for the years 2001-2002 are:

  • To build and put into operation a Hostel of the Euro-Asia University named after Gumilev and an 80 apartment dwelling house in Baraev street;
  • To perform considerable volume of works on Astana Akimat building /within the frame of project implementation designed by the Governmental grant of Kuweit/ and the Senate building - /grand awarded to the Company by the results of the bidding, organized by the Saudi Arabia Kingdom/;
  • To reconstruct and do capital repairs to Sports Complex “Medeu” in Almaty City;
  • Reconstruction of railway carriage repair works plant;
  • To rebuild Central hospital of Medical Centre, Sulpharic Acid Warehouse, JS Company of Yeast Producing Plant.

Productive Activity

The main direction of productive activity of “Almatykultbitstroy” according to State Licence № 004707 are:

  • Erection of Load Bearing and Protection Building Construction and Structures of the Second Level Responsibility (metal constructions erection and installment of reinforcements);
  • Lay cast in place concrete and ferro-concrete constructions;
  • Erection of composite concrete and ferro-concrete construction;
  • Stonework, brickwork and blocks masonry;
  • Installation of asbestos cement, gypsum concrete and ardolite, light weight concrete and polymer products;
  • Screening of rooms and laying contraction joints;
  • Installation of wooden construction and products;
  • Glazing.

Works on Protection of Construction and Equipment:

  • Hydraulic seal of building construction;
  • Roofing works;
  • Thermal insulation of building construction;
  • Thermal insulation of pipelines and equipment except fire-explosive productions;
  • Anti-corrosion, chemical and other protection of building constructions and equipment excluding fire explosive and mining metallurgy production.

Works on Finishing Constructions and Equipment /plaster works, laying floors, facing works, moulding in plaster works, painting and wall-paper works/.

Repair-Construction Works on Buildings and Constructions in connection with above mentioned works.

Engineering Serrices:

  • preparation of bidding documents for participation in competitions, in auctions on projecting construction and repairs of building and constructions; arrangement of building production by structural subdivisions and contracting organization; drawing up permit documents; getting and drawing up initial data for projecting, technical accompanying of projects; technical supervision of construction-erection projects; realization of the clients’ functions on construction.

Productive Capacities

Base productive capacities of JS Company “Almatykultbytstroy” are located both in Almaty and Astana with:

  • Railway “dead - end” sidings;
  • Covered and uncovered warehouses;
  • Productions on making construction materials and structures;
  • Building technics and mechanisms.

At present time, JS Company “Almatykultbytstroy” uses the most update technology and materials.

Construction material and structures produced by KSMK-2 are as follows:

  • Concrete;
  • Mortar for building works;
  • Ferro-concrete products of different types and sizes;
  • Metal products;
  • Reinforcement products ferro-concrete;
  • Pavement slabs of different sizes and modifications;
  • Products from Aluminium;
  • Wooden products and so on;

Having solid production and technological capacities and well-qualified experts, JSC “Almatykultbytstroy” is a reliable partner in any sphere of construction business. It ensures quality of construction-erection works as their timely completion.


Kazakhstan, 050057. Almaty City
20, Zhandosov street
Tel: /727/ 275 27 20

We build projects of tomorrow.
We build the future of our Republic!

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