Kadyrbai KULMURZIN - Chairman of the Board JS Company "Sert"

Qualification: building engineer, Kazakh Polytechnical Institute.

Work experience: has been working for the Company since 1971. General Director of JS Company “Sert” since 2007.

Productive Activity

The main orientations of the productive activity of JS Company “Sert” according are:

  • Projects for capital construction;
  • A complete set of construction works;
  • Special construction and erection works;
  • Lay out works on external engineering network and structures;
  • Lay out works on inside engineering system;
  • Works to protect constructions and equipment;
  • Works to finish construction and equipment;
  • Road building works;
  • Works to lay out territories;
  • Maintanence building works, reconstruction and reinforcement of buidings and structures;
  • Internal control of the quality of construction and erection works;

Construction, production and sales of building materials and structures, granting on lease our own realestates, hotel, service – this is the incomplete list of services, enabling the company to carry out a flexible policy of the economic activity.

Public Activity

During its activity “Serti” has built 50 dwelling houses in different regions of Kazakhstan, has many times rendered assistance to various charity: Charity Fund on Protection of Maternity “Altin Kol”; Regional Councel of Veterans, Public Funds “Ular”, “Batyr”, ‘Veteran”, “Ruhniyat”, “Gibrat”; some means were allotted to build a mosk, the maintanence was done to the temple “Pokrova Bozhjey Matery” – We supplied construction materials to repair a mosk to the fund “Ak Ana” and to the church “Svyato Pokrovsk” and “Svyato Iversk” parish; some material means granted to the orphans of Boarcling School № 8; to Boarding School “Ljubov” for the disabled children. We also gave financial help to socially unprotected population and the poor, and to the Emergency Situation Fund.

Production Capacities

JSC “Sert” has got industrial areas, multispan structures equipped with lifting transportation facilities and technological equipment which enables to organize joint production of any profile and to implement turn key project.

JSC “Sert” can be relocated to any region of Kazakhstan to start works in the shortest possible time.

Below is the list of building materials and constructions produced by the enterprises of “Sert”:

  • Concrete;
  • Mortar for building works;
  • Ferro-concrete products of different types and sizes;
  • Wall blocks;
  • Products made of metal /construction stock, doors, bars, gratings;
  • Metal constructions of building frames;
  • Reinforcement for ferro-concrete products;
  • Metal casting box for monolith construction;
  • Pavement edge;
  • Joiner’s products (plinth, casing, glazing bead, individual door and window blocks);
  • Thermal insulation materials:
    • mineral cotton wool on basaltic bases;
    • thermal insulation mixture based on expanded polystyrene and concrete mixtures;

  • Dry construction mix - for interior and exterior dressing and tiling works produced by technology and on the equipment of a well-known company KNAUF; the issue of 30 items has been acquired;
  • Building light bent profiles of different sizes.
  • JS Company “Sert” is ready to render services in the area of Construction and offer its building materials to any region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan, Almaty
272 a, Kazybaev street
Tel: /727/ 384 17 02,
Fax: /727/ 234 70 55

To life and work for the benefit of the people!

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