Amangeldy K. BULIKPAEV - Chairman of the Board of directors of JS Company “Karagai”, General Director of JS Company “Karagai”
Qualification – Civil Engineer (agraduate of Almaty Kazakh Polytechnical Institute)
Work Experience – he has been working since 1962. Occupations: Head of the construction erection administration; Trust manager of “Kaskoopstroimontazh”, Assistant President of the Academy of sciences of the KazSSR; since 1983 - the Director of a group of enterprises on Housing construction “Glavalmatystroi”; since 1993 – President of the JSC “Karagai”; since 2001 – Chairman or the Board of Directors of the Holding Company “Almatykurylys”, in 2008 - Chairman of the Board of directors of JS Company “Karagai” up to the present time.

Timur A. BULIKPAEV - President of JS Company “Karagai”

Production Activity

The main tendencies of the production activity of JSC “Karagai” in accordance with State Licence № 000219, are:

  • production of wooden building constructions and products;
  • production of joiner’s products, conduit materials and other wooden products for the organizations of the Holding Company “Almatykurylys” and other of the construction complex;
  • performance of building and repair-construction works;
  • commercial activity;

  • make of plastic and door blocks;
  • sale of construction materials and structures;
  • to grant on lease the company’s real estate.

Productive Capacities

JSC “Karagai”, the former wood processing group of enterprises, makes joiner’s products out of wood:

  • window and door blocks;
  • sheets, veneered by valuable kinds of wood;
  • assembled panels of frame and panel houses;
  • frame and panel houses;
  • conduit materials of any types and sizes and names for the construction complex of Almaty.

The production of the Company is also skipped to building organizations, which are in charge of construction in the cities of Astana, Zhezkazgan, Aktjubinsk, Aktau, Atyrau. The Company was founded in 1947.

The productive capacities of JSC “Karagai” make it possible to perform the following works:

  • to saw round timber up to 100 000 square metres per year;
  • to make window blocks – 60 000 square metres a year;
  • to make door blocks – 60 000 square metres per year;
  • to dry timber up to 40,000 cubic metres a year.

Machine tool equitment of the enterprise provides the possibility to fulfil any order on making joinery’s products. There was established the production shop on making plastic window and door blocks of any types, sizes with the capacity of 1,000 metres per month.

The Company owns two dead end sidings with the length of 1.0-0.2 kms, a 20 ton tower crane, a motorcar park, repairs mechanical shops.


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