Murat S. OMAROV –
Chairman of the Board of directors JSC “Almatyobltyazhstroy”

Qualification: Hydraulic Engineer, entitled to produce General Production Works (a graduate of Novosibirsk Institute of Water Transport Engineers)

Work Experience: he has been working for the Company since 1977; General Director of the Company since 1997, Chairman of the Board of directors JSC “Almatyobltyazhstroy” since 2007.

Awarded by: Diploma of Honour of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (KazSSR) for putting the Kapchagai China factory into operation ahead of scheduled time. Diploma of the Honour and Medal of the Holding Company in 1996 in connexion with the fortieth Anmbersary of the Holding Company.

Production Activity

The main directions of the production activity of JSC “Almatyobltyazhstroy” in compliance with State Licence № 003128, issued on the 16th of February 2001, are:

  • production of some types of building materials, constructions and products;
  • production of concrete and ferro-concrete constructions;
  • production of plant mix concrete and mortar;
  • laboratory chick up of the quality of building materials;
  • construction-installation works;
  • earth works;
  • erection of load bearing and protection structures and constructions of the second level responsibility;
  • works on building of constructions and equipment;
  • works on finishing/dressing of constructions and equipment;
  • repairs on reconstruction of buildings and structures.

Public Activity

JSC “Almatyobltyazhstroy” is well-known for its sponsoring activity not only in Iljiskyi region but throughout Almaty city and Oblast too.

Public funds “Boztorgai”, “Zharilgap Batir”, “Veteran”, attached to the Holding Company “Almatykurylys” get constant considerable financial help to support veterans, pensioners, many children families, orphanages, schools. The Company also funded International Public Fund to organize the congress on “Spiritual Harmony” in Astana city, the children’s fund of Kazakhstan in Astana, The Kazakh Society of the Blind people in the settlement of “Otegen Batir”.

Culture: JSC “Almatyobltyazhstroy” sponsors many competitions of beginning talented artists, the football team of the Iljiskyi region; it financed the erection of the Monument to D.A.Kunaev in Ucharal town (Alacol region, Almaty oblast) and arranged the celebration of the 70ieth jubilee of Raimbek region, as well as it helped to erect the Monuments to the Lost Soldiers of the Afgan War in Otegen Batir settlement (Almaty oblast); it rendered charity assistance to the mosk in Biserke and Otegen Batir settlements, the church.

Education: During 10 years the Company had been taking under its patronage a number of schools of the Ilyi region (№ 10, 7, 38 and others) where capital repairs were carried out; the celebration of 70ieth jubilee of Makataev and the 70ieth anniversary of Karabulak Comprehensive Secondary School (Raimbeck region).

It has become a good tradition to render financial assistance and grant food products and presents to formen veterans and pensioners of OJSC on the eve of the New Year, the 8th of March – the Women’s Day, Nauriz and Victory Day.

Productive Capacities

The JSC “Almatyobltjazhstroi” occupies 13.2 hectors. It is located in Otegen Batir settlements of Almaty oblast with its own railway access lines, store houses, enterprises to make construction materials and structures, road transport of cargo by lorry, building equipment’s and mechanisms.

Building Materials and Constructions produced by “Almatyobltjazhstroi” are as follows:

  • Concrete, mortar for building works;
  • Ferro-concrete products;
  • Wall blocks;
  • Products made of metal construction stock, doors, gratings;
  • Reinforcement;
  • Pavement slabs of different sizes and modifications;
  • Wooden products.


Kazakhstan, 050331, Almaty oblast, Ili rayon
17 "a" Kalinin str, Utegen Batyr
Tel: /727/ 251 71 55, 251 73 80
Fax: /727/ 251 72 20

We enter the 21st century being self confident and sure of the bright future of Kazakhstan!

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