Joint Stock Company “Almatyzhilstroy” is your reliable and trusted partner in construction business of Kazakhstan."

Erden K. IBRAEV - General Director of the JSC “Almatyzhilstroy”

Qualification: Civil Engineer (a graduate of Almaty Architectural Construction Institute).

Experience: he has been working for the Company since 1971; General Director of the Company since 1991.

Company Background

JSC “Almatyzhilstroy” is the former trust “Almatyzhilstroy” was founded in August of 1954 and it was organized into Joint Stock Company “Almatyzhilctroy”.

More then 40 years JSC “Almatyzhilstroy” has been building brick housing as well as constructing social and cultural projects for different purposes: schools, hospitals, hotels, administrative buildings in Almaty city and other towns of Kazakhstan.

On the whole, during these years, 1 200 000 sguare metres of brick housing were built: the complex of houses in micro district “Samal”, dwelling houses in microdistrict “Orbita”, “Aksai”, “Zhetisu”, in Dostik avenue, the complex of 9 storeyed houses in the block of streets: Baizakov – Mukanov, in downtown – Gogol, Tole bi, Zhibek Zholy, Abilai khan streets and in other areas.

The following unique projects were implemented in Almaty city: the former administrative building of the Government House in the old square, the complex of buildings of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic, the hotels “Tourist” and “Doctik”, the Kazakh Drama Theatre named after M.O.Auezov, the State Polytechnical Institute named after K.Satpaev, the Theatre of the young spectator in Kurmangazy street, the State Historical Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, fifty educational schools for 60 000 seats, the complex of Central hospitals, Infections Diseases Central City Hospital, the Oblast Hospital, City Hospital № 7 and others.

JSC “Almatyzhilstroy” took part in construction and reconstruction of Astana city:

  • Reconstruction of the General Public Prosecutor’s Office building;
  • Restoration of facades of 16 dwelling houses in Republican Avenue;
  • Reconstruction of the railway station attached to the railway square;
  • Finishing the Embankment of the river Ishim;
  • Reconstruction of the “Meruert” restaurant;
  • Construction of the hotel “Sunkar”;
  • Dressing of 60.110 apartment housing.

The reconstruction of Oblast branch of the People’s Bank was performed in Kzil Orda.

The reconstruction of railway stations was carried out in Chimkent and Turkestan cities.

The Company actively participated in the building of the following projects in Almaty and Almaty Oblast:

  • The mosk in Chemolgan settlement;
  • Reconstruction of the Museum named after D.A.Kunaev;
  • The Automatic Telephone Station (ATS) in Chemolgan settlement;
  • Repair works on Health Cave and Education projects;
  • Repairs in the People’s Bank department;
  • Repairs of the Administrative building of Zhetisu Region Akimat;
  • Tennis Court in Al-Farabi avenue;
  • The Business Center was built in Atyrau.

JSC “Almatyzhilstroy” includes 5 Construction – Installation Administrations with experienced engineering technical workers, highly qualified experts and a good technical base.

For the last three years the development of the Company is characterized by the following growth of activity indices:

  • The volume of work on General Contract amounts to 693 mln tenge, including 466 mln in 2000;
  • The total gain is 478.7 mln tenge, including 273.4 mln in 2000;

Productive Activity

The main directions of productive activity of JSC “Almatyzhilstroy”, according to State Licence № 003135, are as follows:

  • Earth works;
  • Erection of load bearing and protection structures and construction of the second level responsibility;
  • Works on protection of constructions and equipment;
  • A complete set of construction works;
  • Repairs, reconstruction and reinforcement of buildings and structures;
  • Works on dressing constructions and equipment;
  • Road building works;
  • Works to lay out the territories;
  • Internal quality control of construction-erection works;
  • engineering services.


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