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The main directions of production activity of Almatykurylys in compliance with the State Licence № 000895 are as follows:

  • projects for capital construction;
  • complete comprehensive construction work;
  • special construction and erection works including;
  • laying the system of gas and pipe lines;
  • lay out works on external engineering network and structures;
  • lay out works on inside engineering system;
  • works to protect constructions and equipment;
  • works to finish to dress constructions and equipment;
  • road building works;
  • works to lay out territories;
  • maintanence building works, reconstruction and reinforcement of buildings and structures;
  • internal control of the quality of construction and erection works;
  • engineering services.

Construction at our own expence and sale of construction projects, production and sale of building materials and constructions, granting on lease of our real estates, hotel service – this is the incomplete list of the services which enables the company to carry out a flexible policy of the economic activity.

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