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Always to be the leader among the construction companies of Kazakhstan!


Providing proportional, effective and directional development of the construction complex for achievement of sustainable economic growth and improvement of the life quality of Kazakhstani people.


Almatykurylys - the construction company of a holding type recognized in Kazakhstan, augmenting the property trusted by the shareholders, rationally using both fixed and floating assets (property and funds) to achieve high incomes, which open-up new opportunities for development of Kazakhstan economy and its further integration in the global economy.

Thus we aim to introduce ourselves from various viewpoints:

state and society

The company – is the leader among the construction companies of Kazakhstan, a core element of establishing the construction branch, formation of a competitive market, a catalyst of business activity in the Republic, associate of the state in realization of the social aspects of the country’s development, equalization of living standards of the population in different regions.


The company with the rising market value is attractive for portfolio investors


The company offering quality, modern and diverse services, oriented at satisfaction of needs of all social layers and economy segments, a sample of corporate and organizational culture having permanent reserve of strength and potential for sustainable development, organizationally flexible and competitive under any external conditions, presented in each region of Kazakhstan.

the company’s personnel

A stable company attracting qualified personnel and ensuring conditions for development of the individual potential and the high social status.

Quality policy

To achieve maximum satisfaction of the clients’ needs and expectations, through leadership of the company’s management and via continual training to ensure aspiration of the whole personnel to provision of quality services according to the clients’ requirements and legal regulations. Applying the "process approach " and considering each process from the point of view of the added value, motivating the personnel to permanently strive for perfection of their own Quality Management System (QMS).

The objectives and goals in the field of Quality
  • Systematic studying and sustained compliance with the customers’ requirements, and aspiration to surpass their expectations;

  • Analysis of the customers’ requirements, forecasting their needs in the sphere of services provided;

  • Achievement of the customer’s confidence in stability of the Company;

  • Leadership of the company’s senior management in integrating both targets and policy in the field of Quality and creation of internal environment for involvement of the whole personnel into achievement the targets;

  • Increase of the Company’s competitive strength in the market of services;

  • Creating the conditions for attraction of investments into the construction sector of economics through the securities marke;
  • Regular analysis and raising the issues of perfecting the law and normative legal acts which regulate relations in the construction sector;

  • Active initiation of establishing public institutions (associations, funds and etc.) and permanent cooperation with them;

  • Creation of favorable environment for the personnel competently working to achieve the company’s objectives;
  • provision of each worker with communication means and modern IT technologies;

  • Promoting increase in the aggregate profit and net profit due to costs optimization.

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